Jump Load: Book 3

Jump Load

Prepare for the Final Leap!

At last, Mitch Campbell and friends are on the path to Success. The Jump Point technology is secure and theirs. But with that security comes questions about their mentor and alarming revelations about his and Mitch’s past. In a whirlwind adventure that takes the Jump Point crew from the mountains of Colorado, to the steppes of Asia, out past the Kuiper belt and the edge of known space, Mitch must strive for more than security—before the future for his friends and mentor is lost.

Coming Soon!

Author’s Note:

I’ve just completed the initial outlining for Jump Load , the wrap up to the Jump Light Chronicles and wow, is this last bit of story exciting! Mitch and crew have really stepped into it this time. Just when they think they’ve got a handle on the Jump!GOs, the HoloNet, and their own futures, a freak leap blows all of their expectations out of the water.

Bische returns with a bang, as does his old buddy Dr. Scott Travers. We might get a visit from our friends in Korea as well as be introduced to a couple of rival crews (one in Germany, the other in India). Keep a look out as the adventure continues.

AJ Kilgore