Penny Wednesday

<p>Weekly list of the lastest, non-putrid penny ebooks.</p>

Penny Wednesday – Last Edition 1/1/2019

OK, I admit it. Penny Wednesdays is a joke. Didn't used to be. Five years ago, at Penny Candi's inception, Penny Wednesdays served a vital purpose by listing the highest rated, physical books on Amazon selling for exactly 1¢. Sure, you'd still have to pay for shipping, but never more than $3.99. And some weeks, if you dug deep, you'd get lucky and find penny books shipping for free! No more. Those days are gone forever. All penny books on Amazon are now held hostage. One conglomerate still lists them, but with shipping fixed at $9.00 — hardly a bargain. Old-school readers in love with pape...
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Penny Wednesday Kid Edition – 12/26/2018

So this was harder than I thought it would be. Original idea — post the best rated kids books listed for $0.01 by Amazon. Piece of cake. Just sort from lowest to highest, skip the freebies, and this feature writes itself. Wrong! That idea only works if I disavow considerations like shipping price, quality, and ethics. But given Penny Candi's mission to, at minimum, be helpful, the easy way can't be today. So without further ado, here is this week's list. All kid books in honor of the holidays. Shipping price is noted where applicable. Linked page is to the re-seller offering the penny ...
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