$7 or Better – 12/30/2018

This week’s list contains books that combine mystery and suspense with science fiction or fantasy elements. We also managed to keep the price below $6, for even greater entertainment savings. Enjoy!

1.Mortal EnginesMortal Engines
by Philip Reeve
Actually good. Seriously, don't let the bad reviews for the movie dissuade you. The source material is so much better. Predator cities, a fierce heroine, and surprising amount of humor. Give it a try.
2.The Djinn Falls in Love and Other StoriesThe Djinn Falls in Love and Other Stories
by Neil Gaiman, Nnedi Okorafor, Others
Sci-fi collection featuring a cadre of acclaimed international writers, weaving a rich tapestry of deep, sometimes funny, often dark stories. Engrossing and surprising.
by Steven Barnes
Cyberpunk, martial arts, quasi-detective adventure. Aubrey Knight, ex-null gravity karate fighter, battles an underworld crime family in a dystopian future LA overrun by drugs, prostitution, and black-market organ sales.
4.Noble ManNoble Man
by William Miller
Espionage. Ex-CIA operative Jake Nobel needs some fast cash to pay for his mother's cancer treatments, so he accepts what he thinks is a quick mission from his old employers. Of course, nothing's ever that easy. Lots of white-knuckle action as Jake hops from the frying pan into the fire. Brisk read.
5.Death in ParadiseDeath in Paradise: Jesse Stone
by Robert B. Parker
Modern Noire. Not sci-fi, more mainstream, but solid mystery writing all the same and sometimes that's all you want. If you haven't delved into the Jesse Stone books yet, this one is a good entry, with all of Stone's flaws on display and peaks into his hidden heroism.
6.Grave PerilGrave Peril
by Jim Butcher
Supernatural mystery. Harry Dresden, Chicago's only professional wizard sleuth, must uncover the reason for a recent spate of spirit unrest. The answers he finds hit close to home. He must solve the case before joining the ranks of the dead.
7.Zodiac StationZodiac Station
by Tom Harper
Morality play. Starts out as a chronicle of a accident in the Antarctic, but swiftly turns into a suspenseful tale of sabotage and betrayal. A fast-paced, gripping thriller with big a large dollop of science and adventure.
8.Legionnaire GalaxyLegionnaire (Galaxy's Edge Book 1)
by Jason Anspach
Future Soldiers. But even though it is set in the future, sci-fi and tech advancements play a minor role to the basic story of a a group of soldiers bonding while surviving the threat from a common enemy.
by Annelie Wendeberg
Historical mystery. Anna Kronberg investigates a death that appears to be from cholera, but is actually the opening act of a more sinister plot. Imaginative story set in the world of Sherlock Holmes.

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