Manga Monday – New Year’s Eve 2018

So many tasty treats on the list this week, the best of which IMHO is Assassination Classroom. If you’ve seen the anime, you know how great this story is. The manga version is just as good if not better as it presents an even deeper picture of the relationship between Koro Sensei and Class E. Naruto and Hoshin Engi also appear, along with a couple of graphic novels that carry a manga sensibility. All for under $7. Enjoy!

1.Naruto: ItachiNaruto: Itachi's Story, Vol. 1
by Takashi Yano
First of the Naruto Novels which offer backstory on several characters in the main Naruto series. Volume 1 expands on Itachi's life as he races toward his dream to become the first Uchiha Hokage.
2.Assassination Classroom Vol. 1Assassination Classroom Vol. 1
by Yusei Matsui
Instant classic. The premise is much like your typical school-based manga: teens thrown into unconventional situation and must either work together to survive or one teen in particular shines through. What elevates this story is the twist on the antagonist and the deep characterization afforded to every student. Once you start, you won't stop.
3.Hoshin Engi Vol. 23Hoshin Engi Vol. 23
by Ryu Fujisaki
Final chapters! Taikobo launches the last fight against the Joka. His only chance at victory is to use his weapon, Raikoben, to summon all the powers of the immortal sendo. Will he succeed?
4.Attack onTitan 26Attack on Titan Vol. 26
by Hajime Isayama
Intense. Hard-hitting emotional shock occurs in this latest volume as Erin Yeager takes on the Marleyan army. The Eldian soldiers put up a good fight, but suffer loss. War ain't pretty.
5.Saga 9Saga Vol. 9
by Brian K. Vaughan
Fantastic (though not technically Manga). First-rate, expressive artwork combined with a gut-wrenching turn in the tale. The very best in visual and character-driven storytelling. If you are new to Saga, Vol. 9 will send straight to #1. If Saga is an old friend, be will cry.
6.Edens Zero: Volume 1Edens Zero: Volume 1
by Hiro Mashima
A young man (Shiki) raised by machines in an abandoned amusement park finally meets a human (Rebecca). They start on the path to friendship just as a robot rebellion begins. Reminiscent of West World; just fewer cowboys. Whimsical action.
7.The Seven Deadly Sins Issue 28The Seven Deadly Sins Issue 28
by Richard G. Newhauser
Meliodas and The Sins set out to confront The Ten Commandments, as Elizabeth regains her memories and must be told about the curse which binds her to Meliodas. Wow, that's a mouthful. Haven't had a chance to read this yet, but the hubby says "Sloth is my favorite." ...don't think he's read it either. At any rate, six bucks. Dive right in!
8.Crisis on Infinite EarthsCrisis on Infinite Earths Companion Deluxe Vol. 1
by Marv Wolfman
Also not Manga, but the couldn't not report the price. $4.99 for all of the tie-in stories that supported the main through-line for Crisis on Infinite Earths is amazing. There's 512 pages here of fine artwork and stories that helped redfine the DC universe in a sweeping, lasting way. Get it!
9.Future Diary Vol. 1Future Diary Vol. 1
by Sakae Esuno
Oddly compelling. The student Yukiteru is one of ten diaryholders with the power to predict the future. What starts out as a game becomes a deadly race for survival.

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