Free Friday – 1/4/2019

“The new free books are here!”

New Year, new adventures, new deals for you. This week’s crop of fresh freebies features alien battles, swordplay, cloud cities, and sentient ships. Snowbound? S’no problem! Feed your imagination with a free book today!

1.Curse of the Ice DragonCurse of the Ice Dragon
by Tara West
YA Fantasy. The young hunter Markus angers the Sky Goddess. She casts a curse upon him and sends her massive dragon to kill him, but Markus manages to flee and through an unexpected turn gains allies among the Ice People. Fast-paced action, witches, young romance all makes this book a page turner. You'll eagerly pick up the next two books in the series.
by Dayne Edmondson
The deadly Krai’kesh pirates awaken and lay waste to human colonies. The star federation of Tar Ebon vow to stand against them in defence of the galaxy. But do they stand a chance against the ruthless horde? No nuance here, just space battles, but diverting enough for the price.
by Mark Wayne McGinnis
Acid rain spewing clouds encircle the Earth, obliterating organic life and killing off most humans. Society rebuilds itself and mankind adapts into the haves who live above the cloudbank and the nots who scarpe to survive in abandoned tunnels below it. When a Cloudwalker falls to his death among the Grounders, the two cultures collide. Good world-building, oddlly grounded despite the fantasy premise. Worht a read.
On Basilisk StationOn Basilisk Station
by David Weber
Honor Harrington made a fool of a superior officer and now she's been exiled to Basilisk Station, overseeng a backwater, captain of a useless command. Perfect setup to lead to redemption. The journey is only half the battle.
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Bypass Gemini
Bypass Gemini

by Joseph R. Lallo
Space racerTrevor Alexander gets caught in a rigged race and banned from the sport. Reduced to freelancing as a delivery boy, his life takes another turn when a mysterious package leads him to mobsters, a megacorp, and a mad scientist. Kind of a fun read.
Oath of SwordsOath of Swords
by David Weber
A simple horse thief captures the attention of the War God. soon the God's problems are his own and he soon finds himself neck-deep in assassins and demons. A truly fun story.
by Blaze Ward
Jessica Keller disobeyed a direct order to prevent a massacre. An expansion of the Alexandria Station universe that moves its eccentric group of characters along at a break-neck pace.
Wanderer's EscapeWanderer's Escape
by Simon Goodson
A runaway slave takes command of a starship only to find that it is actually alive and has a mind of its own. Together they escape the imperial stronghold, but soon learn that freedom comes at a price. Unconventional relationship at the core of this story is the main draw and keeps the pages turning.
Valkyrie: GenesisValkyrie: Genesis
by L K Walker
Dreamscape relationship that does not go as planned. That might be an understatement.

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