$7 or Better – 1/15/2019

Along with the several first in series, we have a mystery and Sun Tzu on the list this week as well as a couple of penny books for good measure. Take a look!

1.Prisoner of NightPrisoner of Night
by J.R. Ward
From the world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Ahmare, blooded daughter of the vampire Ahmat, teams up with the human prisoner Duran to retrieve her abducted brother before the time allocated for his ransom runs out.
by Will Jordan
Action thriller. As so often happens, an elite, though secret, government group is discredited and in hiding. Led by Ryan Drake, the team of operatives are on the run from the US government and foreign entities. When a former adversary at the CIA is killed in their name, the team must find the guilty party before being snuffed out.
3.Warrior of the WorldWarrior of the World: Chronicles of Dasnaria #3
by Jeffe Kennedy
The woman once called Princess Jenna has a new identity - Ivariel, warrior priestess of Danu. She shed her old life to survive brutality and betrayal, finding a new one among the Nyambura, learning the ways of elephants and honing her dancer’s strength. When Nyambura is attacked, she fights to save her people, but risks falling among the hunted again.
4.The Rule of OneThe Rule of One
by Ashley Saunders
In the near-future United States, a one-child policy is ruthlessly enforced. Everyone follows the Rule of One. But Ava Goodwin, daughter of the head of the Texas Family Planning Division, has a secret—one her mother died to keep and her father has helped to hide for her entire life.
5.Machine City: A Thriller (Detective Barnes Book 2)Machine City: A Thriller (Detective Barnes Book 2)
by Scott J. Holliday
To ex-detective John Barnes, the machine is a dangerous and abhorrent addiction. The criminal thoughts it embedded in his brain helped him stop a serial killer, but they left him dazed—with pounding, murderous impulses. Having turned in his badge to salvage what’s left of his psyche, Barnes must return to the darkness at the request of his former partner. A little girl has gone missing. So has Adrian Flaherty, the detective in the kidnapper’s shadow. And only Barnes can hear the clues.
6.Super Sales on Super HeroesSuper Sales on Super Heroes
by William D. Arand
In a world of super powers, Felix barely scrapes by with his, forced to take a normal job just to make ends meet. All of that changes when a super villain takes over his village. Felix discovers he has a way to make his power useful after all, and grasps a hold of his chance with both hands.
7.The Art of WarThe Art of War
by Sun Tzu
Classic. What does it say that this book written over two thousand years ago maintains it's relevance to this day? Considered the definitive treatise on strategy and tactics, abstractable to a host of human situations, depending on your mindset. It has been the most famous and influential of China's Seven Military Classics. And only a buck.
8.Nobody's FoolNobody's Fool: Book One Of the Soldiers of Fame and Fortune Series
by Michael Todd, Michael Anderle
First in a series. Alien weaponry gave Earth new technology, advanced enough to make even the deserts bloom. Hollie Smith accepts a mission to find a unique chemical within the billion-dollar business complex arisen within the alien rubble. But instead of fertile sands, she finds danger, mercenaries, and the constant threat of death.
9.Mark of the Raven (The Ravenwood Saga Book #1)Mark of the Raven (The Ravenwood Saga Book #1)
by Morgan L. Busse
Lady Selene of the Great House of Ravenwood was born a dreamwalker and like all Ravenwood women is trained to use her gift as a spy and assasin. When she's told to kill the one man capable of bringing peace to the nations, she questions her family's dark legacy and whether there's more to her gift.
10.After the CureAfter the Cure: Book 1
by Deirdre Gould
Zombie Apocolypse. A plague sweeps humanity,, turning infected into cannibals. It takes six years but a cure is eventually found. Those given the cure wake up to the world they created. Some cope. Some don't. And now the world wants those responsible for the plague to pay. Interesting premise and only a penny!
by G. Wakeling
On her rookie mission to Mars, Rachel's resupply vessel is thrown off course. Her ship is exploding. Her flight team is missing. No rescue team will save her, so she has to find a way to save herself and the crew. Uncommon premise. Worht a try for a penny.

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