Grab Bag – 1/16/2019

From H.G. Wells to H.P. Lovecraft, this week’s Grab Bag is full of quality reads. Mystery, fantasy, science, and horror all take a bow, all for a buck. Dive in, Dear Reader!

1.The War of the WorldsThe War of the Worlds
by H.G. Wells
One of the earliest, if not the first, alien invasion story. The source of inspiration for countless other books and movies, Attack of the Tripods and Independence Day among them. This one book has Influence beyond the realm of story into the mind of Robert Goddard, the inventor of the multi-stage rocket. The staged radio broadcast of the story by the great Orson Wells prompted mass hysteria in 1938. This is a classic must read for any science fiction fan.
2.Run ProgramRun Program
by Scott Meyer
Al, a well-meaning but impish artificial intelligence, has the mind of a six-year-old and a penchant for tantrums. And the first one to discover just how much trouble Al could cause is Hope Takeda, the lab assistant in charge of educating and socializing him. When Al manages to access the Internet and escape the lab days before his official unveiling, Hope and her team embark on a mission to contain him—before he creates any real problems.
3.Beneath the ShineBeneath the Shine
by Sarah Fine
In a future United States where those who control technology control the wealth, seventeen-year-old Marguerite’s viral video propels a populist candidate to presidential victory on a platform of "tech for all." But as the mouthpiece of the new leader determined to break the elite stronghold, Marguerite finds herself on the opposite side of the divide in a new high school full of technocrat teens.
4.The Last LieThe Last Lie
by Alex Lake
Psychological Mystery. Claire Daniels thinks she's living the good life, but her husband Alfie knows it is all a lie that he has carefully crafted. Despite his plans, it's a house of cards in danger of toppling, threatening to destroy everything.
5.A Literal MessA Literal Mess
by J.C. Kenney
Literary agent, Allie Cobb, left home looking for light beyond the shadow of her father's ill-fame. But his death and the murder of his long-time friend forces her back into her unsavory past. Her investigation leads her not just on a quest for the truth but to survive in the midst of finding it.
6.Wanted: An Outlaw AnthologyWanted: An Outlaw Anthology
by Lane Hart, Others
Never before released stories from New York Times best-selling authors offer quality, quantity entertainment for just a buck. ake a look at these thrilling tails of charismatic bad boys, living dangerously and courting the wrong side of the law.
7.Wings of the WickedWings of the Wicked
by Rebecca Hamilton, Others
More Stories! Here is another anthology, but this time with a paranormal focus. Tenty-five thrilling tales of angels and demons, saints and sinners, order and chaos -- all for a buck. That's a lot for a dollar.
8.Complete Collection Of H. P. LovecraftComplete Collection Of H. P. Lovecraft - 150 eBooks With 100+ Audiobooks
by H.P. Lovecraft
Seriously, this collection exists. Complete collection Of Lovecraft's fiction, juvenilia, poems, essays And collaborations. Cannot believe that there are 150 stories and over 100 audiobooks -- all for one dollar!. Amazing and completely worth it from a master story teller.
9.Frostborn Omnibus OneFrostborn Omnibus One
by Jonathan Moeller
More quality quantity entertainment. The Frostborn series tells the tale of the descendents of a group of Britons led to a magical world by the last grandson of King Arthur to live with elves, orcs, and the like in peace and prosperity. A mighty kingdom arises, but as with all bright jewels, flies are drawn to the light. The Warden of Url Morlemoch proves to be more devil than pest. A hero must rise to the challenge and defeat the Warden. But who will it be. Fifteen book series, but the first four are presented here as introduction. Get this!
10.Beginnings: five heroic fantasy adventure novelsBeginnings: five heroic fantasy adventure novels
by Lindsay Buroker
Four books! Contains Dragon Rider, prequel to the Dragon Blood series and four additional, previously published fantasy adventures by Lindsay Buroker, all with new introductions from the author.

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