Free Friday

Here at Penny Candi Central, we’ve come to terms with the fact that “free” has its moments. For every week that offers gratis Stephen King, there will be another that is arguably a bit of a mixed bag. McEdifice Returns completely redeems it, though. I won’t say more than that. And the appearance of a Charles Dickens collection is a major win. Enjoy!

1.Game of the Gods : And Other StoriesGame of the Gods : And Other Stories
by Angela McQuay
Short story collections tend to be underrated, but they are often the source of hidden gems. Stephen King's Different Seasons is a great example. That collection resulted in three acclaimed film adaptations (Stand By Me, The Shawshank Redemption, and Apt Pupil). This collection by Angela McQuay may one day prove just as fertile. What producer could resist the drama and tension inherent in a godly poker game to decide the fate of the world?
2.No Happy EndingsNo Happy Endings
by Gábor Eichammer
The author's an interesting guy. He's a Hungarian stand-up comic who also happens to write books. No Happy Endings is his first book written completely in English. Like Game of the Gods, it's a short story collection, but each story is in a different genre, running the gamut from horror to fantasy, suspense and thriller. There's also accompanying artwork. Eichammer's many talents are on display. Take a look.
3.Charles Dickens: The Complete NovelsCharles Dickens: The Complete Novels
by Charles Dickens
Charles Dickens knew what people liked and gave it to them. He understood pacing and marketing; action and drama. His stories could scare you, make your pulse race, or bring you to tears. He was a master. Once you start one of his stories, no matter how long it is, you can't help but finish it. To get the complete works of Charles Dickens for free is fortuitous. Take advantage of this offer. You will be awed as well as entertained.
4.Summoner OriginsSummoner: Origins
by Taran Matharu
Prequel to the Summoner Series. Arcturus is an orphaned stableboy who discovers he can summon demons from another world. Despite being an commoner, he is sent to the elite military academy with others more noble-born who also possess the skill. It's a constant battle to prove himself worthy to be a Summoner. Will he make it?
5.Rise of the Dragons (Kings and Sorcerers--Book 1)Rise of the Dragons (Kings and Sorcerers--Book 1)
by Morgan Rice
First in series. YA novel. The story follows three main characters: a magical warrior, a noble commoner, and a mercenary. They must come together to protect the kingdom's paranormal talisman, the Sword of Fire, but in the process they wind up learning a lot about themselves. 11K reviews, many of them 4 stars or better. Chances are there's something good here.
6.Archangel DownArchangel Down
by C. Gockel
Commander Noa Sato is wrongly implicated as a participant in the Archangel Project, a project she knows nothing about. Professor James Sinclair wakes up in the snow with no memory of the last 24 hrs, but convinced that he needs to find Commander Sato, a woman he's never met. Together they encounter adversity as they work together to save their own lines as well as the lives of many millions more.
7.McEdifice ReturnsMcEdifice Returns
by Camestros Felapton
Featured Free:This is the kind of book I hope to find when I prowl the book sites. I won't spoil it by giving you a synopsis here. Click the link and go to Kobo. The synopsis alone is worth it.
8.The Revelation ChroniclesThe Revelation Chronicles
by Eric Burney
Charlie Reese had every reason to believe he was human until he attended a party on a lark where a magician hypnotised him causing everything to suddenly go wrong. Soon he's seeing visions of a different world and finds himself on a journey of discovery. that could lead to the salvation of the planet Earth or the cmoplete extinction of the human race.
9.Wasted Genius: A Flaherty StoryWasted Genius: A Flaherty Story
by Michael Fryar
No telling if this is a rel story or a hallucination. Millennial "The John Flaherty" inherits a belt buckle from his long lost father. Three video game characters - Cerebus the Aardvark, Barbara the Valkyrie, and starship captain John Masters - want to steal it from him, to protect Science Fiction. As part of their plot, they join John on an inter-dimensional quest to find his missing father. Adventure ensues, friendships are formed, all guided by the magic belt buckle. Strange enough to warrant a read.

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