Free Friday

Sometimes, the future is a freaky place. No space battles, or androids, or palace intrigue on distant planets. Sometimes it’s ganja stealing extraterrestrials and unexpected nuclear holocausts. It can even be joy-riding aliens that get trapped in goat bodies and kidnapped by musical castrati. Wild, wacky stuff can happen in the future, but at least this week you can read about it for free. Dive in!

1.Relics and Runes: A Limited Edition Urban Fantasy and Fantasy AnthologyRelics and Runes: A Limited Edition Urban Fantasy and Fantasy Anthology
by Heather Marie Adkins
Strong heroines and stalwart heroes seek mythical treasures, wield powerful sorcery, and face down unstoppable forces. Will they survive? Delve into twelve brilliant stories of magic, mayhem and monsters to find out! But be forewarned - you won't want to put this collection down!
2,Old GoatOld Goat
by Robert Spencer
Four young aliens arrive on earth, scrambling from their ship. occupying the bodies of the humans frozen in awe watching their ship land. Problem is, there are only three humans. The last alien has no choice but to inhabit the body of an old goat, as it is the only other living thing standing before him in the hot desert dirt.
by L.J.P. McIntyre
A dark, dystopian journey through a corrupt city—saturated in neon and divided into levels—where social media can mean life or death. I’m a 2.4. My number tells you I’m a lower. But I’m not playing your game anymore. You might be a 9.6 and live in the uppers, but I’m sure you go down to the filthy streets like everyone else. You probably hunt prey-droids for the thrill of it or have dolls do things to you that your wife wouldn’t. Me, I’ll be dead soon.
4,The Joint of No Return: Far Out Chronicles Book 1The Joint of No Return: Far Out Chronicles Book 1
by Tom Sadira
Charlie Hong is on the run from both sides of the law. He’s spent the last year in hiding, cultivating one last hair-brained scheme to escape his troubles: a clandestine marijuana operation. Just as he’s about to cash in, his cash crop is stolen by a bright light appearing in the night sky. After catching a ride with one of his plants, he finds himself thrown into a world far stranger than anything he could have possibly imagined.
5,EMP: The Districts Book 1EMP: The Districts Book 1
by Orion Enzo Gaudio
The world is a dangerous place in 2016 and the United States has become more isolated than ever before. Things get unimaginably worse when two nuclear devices are detonated in the atmosphere over the United States. The country is torn to pieces and only the strong can put it back together again.
6,Gatekeeper: Dominions Book 0Gatekeeper: Dominions Book 0
by TW Iain
There is a way to enter the Dome. The route is hidden, heavily guarded, and is not for those without inner strength and deep pockets. Karon is a gatekeeper, watching over the final stretch of this route. Most days, there is nothing to do. Most days, he doesn’t see another soul once once he’s in the tunnels. But some days are different. Sometimes, a walker comes to Karon’s gate, and he lets them through. Sometimes, a rare individual will make it to the Dome. And sometimes they come back
7,Better Living Through GRAVY and Other OdditiesBetter Living Through GRAVY and Other Oddities
by Isa-Lee Wolf
A quirky collection of seven short short stories, each about 1000 words or so. All strange with a light dusting of sci-fi, these quick reads offer a brief escape into imaginary worlds with fun, excitement, and possibly a laugh. Or two. Three might be a stretch.
8,AIAI's Children
by Ed Hurst
When heroes have children, can they not also be heroic? The second volume after ""AI's Minion"" and the prequel to ""The Chronicles of Misty,"" this tale carries The Brotherhood and its message into a new age in preparation for interstellar exploration. The origin of AI is explained and Chandler's children branch out, driven by their own dreams of what could be.
9,The Vintage Egg: Postcards from TomorrowThe Vintage Egg: Postcards from Tomorrow
by acflory
Short story collection, book-ended by stories of invention. The first story, The Vintage Egg, is about a ruined sand racer, and one man's dream of restoring it. The last story, The Egg Run, is about that man's grandson, Tim. Tim has shared his grandfather's dream since childhood, and now the dream is about to become reality. But what will he do when the one, great challenge of his life is over?

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