CES 2023

CES is back again, baby, in full swing this week in Las Vegas. We here at Penny Candi central love the show’s glitz and shine, particularly the wonderfully weird products making their public debut at the show. You never know which high-tech concept will resonate with people (Microsoft Surface, Oculus Rift) or which stunning product that looks like a slam dunk will wind up bouncing off the rim (Google Glasses).

Only time will tell for this year’s batch of goodies. Here’s a list below of some of the more noteworthy offerings. Can’t wait to find out which shots will brick and which ones will glide through touching nothing but net. Enjoy!

Quick Overview of Weirdness

Smell-O-Vision is real!

Move over Google Toilet. Say hello to Urine Lab.
What you need for your next Zoom call.
Nice eBike, but listen for the price. Yow!

PlayStation VR seems really ready, now.

Even more immersive VR. Kinda blown away by how it sucked me in. Sweet!

Shameless Plug:

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