Jump Point: Book 1

Jump Point

Big Blue is calling YOU!

Mitch Campbell built a joke of a machine—just a battery crammed with wires and spare parts. It shouldn’t work. It couldn’t work. Then he flipped the switch and changed the world. The Canopy emerged, full of portals; each point of light offering fortune and adventure. But his path into the blue unleashed a danger. Before he and his friends are anointed the new Travel Barons, a dictator, hell-bent on glory and retribution, steals their tech and threatens to destroy their new world in an instant. Jumping from Colorado to Korea, can Mitch and his friends thwart the madman’s insanity to save millions—all at the speed of light?

Praise for Jump Point

“Lots of great one liners! Highly recommended.”

“Really entertaining sci-fi book that has a little bit of everything—adventure, suspense, emotion, humor!”

“Kilgore’s writing style gave the sense that I was right there.”

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