Jump Point


Big Blue is calling YOU!

Mitch Campbell built a joke of a machine — just a battery crammed with wires and spare parts. It shouldn’t work. It couldn’t work. Then he flipped the switch and changed the world. The Canopy emerged, full of portals; each point of light offering fortune and adventure. But his path into the blue unleashed a danger. Can he make the jump to block disaster? Or will the world he changed be gone…in an instant?



Book #1 of the Jump Light Chronicles

A happy accident, born out of junk parts and frustration, the Canopy harnesses forgotten technology to trap light particles and convert them to portals. Now, thousands of locations can be reached in a second. Anywhere in the world is just a jump away.

For first-year engineering student Mitch Campbell, his invention of the Canopy is a shortcut to acclaim—an opportunity to don the mantle of Genius, and become, with his friends, Dean and Wayne, a travel baron for a new age.

For Jin Ae, soldier of a divided nation, the Canopy threatens her country’s fragile stalemate, endangers her family, and fuels the plans of a madman dictator bent on retribution. She must find a way to thwart his insanity before her country—and many others—are lost.

Duty and ambition collide when Mitch uncovers the technology’s origins. Soon, he and Jin must cross boundaries to work together, dodge disaster, and save millions—all at the speed of light.

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